Index investing

Martin Svoboda

Do you need to orientate yourself in jungle of indices and asset classes?

Zajímá vás jak, do čeho a kde investovat? Publikace v angličtině vám prozradí, jaké existují trendy napříč komoditami (obory) i regiony. Bude vás informovat o tom, v kterých světadílech ba podrobněji státech existují jací „akcioví tahouni“. Zda jsou v růstu, stabilitě nebo naopak klesají či nebezpečně kolísají. Seznámí vás s tím, jaké dnes existují indexy, zda investovat v Číně, USA či některém evropském státě apod.

Index Investing is a comprehensive guide for everyone who wants to know their way through the jungle of indices and asset classes. This publication clearly explains stock indices, bond indices, currencies & interest rates, precious metals & raw materials, volatility & hedge funds. This is for the first time that a single book provides a detailed and systematic presentation of all major underlyings of existing investment certificates and warrants.

Besides the widely known indices, the reader will have the opportunity to realize what lies behind such “exotic” market barometers as, e.g. “AMEX Gold Bugs” or “NIFTY 50, along with obtaining crucial information about the best certificates available.

The aim of the present book is to make the readers familiar with 150 most important investment markets and to introduce them to optimal ways of investing in individual asset classes.

Institute for Financial Market was launched at the end of 2007 as a research institute of the Faculty of Economics and Administration, Masaryk University.

The institute is primarily a research centre focused on the field of financial market and its regulation. Its aim is also to deal with consumer behaviour on the financial market.

As part of its activities, the institute holds seminars for financial institutions and plans to provide support for specialist education and training aimed at professionals in the financial sector.

The institute has an ambition to systematically participate in the financial education of the general public, including high school and university students.

Martin Svoboda, Ph.D.

The author of “Index investment”, “How to invest, or The Anatomy of Stock Exchange Lies”, and “How to dominate the markets”. Thanks to his 20-year experience, Martin Svoboda is familiar with financial and capital markets from basically every perspective: that of a portfolio manager, an analyst, financial consultant, a journalist, and quite naturally also the perspective of a private investor investing his own means. In addition, Martin Svoboda is the publisher of the financial magazine ZertifikateJournal, a leading consultancy medium for investors dealing with certificates and structured financial products. Martin Svoboda’s main professional focus is the development of new financial products and their application in investment portfolio management. Besides, the author is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Administration, Masaryk University.

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